CH S*Mariamores JamaiCat of Felix, "Majken"

Rag a 04, blue mitted

Born: 2011-07-19

Dame: S*Mariamores BeaTriss

Sire: S*Frändetassens Felix


JamaiCat is the third generation of Mariamores and very early I saw that she had a look that was really, really promising. She has grow beautifully in her head with strong cheeks and chin and with an incredible earsetting. She has a lovely eyecolour and everything but to keep her would be crazy  !

It's real exciting to see her grow into the beautiful, large cat that she's become. Her mum and dad are both big, strongbuilt cats with long, strong boning so I'm very pleased to see that she turned out just the way I hoped, even better  ! This lovely lady is an absolute purring machine. She loves to be around us and to be handled as much as possible, she just can't seem to get enough love  !


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