1 år och 7 månader


NO*Tranquil Adonis

Rag n 04, seal mitted

Född: 2012-02-26

Dame: CH S*Angelic Whisper Janis Joplin

Sire: N*Diadems Maestro Sollis

Breeder: Susanne Bogen, NO*Tranquil


Let me introduce you to Adonis  ! Our upcoming norweigan stud  !

An adorable, loving, purring, talkative, funny, WONDERFUL cat! We are so thankful to you Susanne for letting us have him. His looks are definetely promising and on his first catshow as a kitten he became BEST IN SHOW TWO TIMES!!!

He has an outstanding fur, excellent headshape with a profile to die for. His ears are wellset and good in size. His bodycolours are excellent in their contrasts and I strongly believe that he'll be the perfect match for all my queens!

He has now fathered three litters in our breeding and I can just say WOW! He has brought superkittens  !